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We invite you to take a look at all our different product categories and download our digital catalogue where you’ll find a large product offering with Iberico and Serrano hams, pork shoulders and cured meats as well as fresh Iberico pork, cheeses, extra virgin olive oils, wines, tinned foods and an endless number of essential items for any gastronomy centre or restaurant.

UNIQUE: Dompal 100% Bellota Iberico Ham


UNIQUE, because there’s no other like it, because it’s the result of all our ham experts’ traditions and experience, because you know it’s a unique experience as soon as you taste it.

A unique ham can only come from 100% Iberico pigs that have been fed acorns as they freely graze their natural ecosystem, the oak woodlands. The prairies offer a special place for these pigs’ development and feed them with the best fruits, the fruits that contribute the special organoleptic characteristics only a real DOMPAL UNIQUE Bellota Iberico ham has. The taste of tradition and ham making experience.

Iberian Hams

Our Iberico hams and pork shoulders are carefully selected one by one. The traceability of each piece is analysed to be certain it’s a great ham as only an authentic Iberico ham is worthy of the Dompal name.

Iberian Embutidos

In the very same way we carefully select our Iberico hams, we choose our Iberico cured meats which are the result of ancestral preparation and curing methods. Thus, the Iberico pork loin, chorizo and salchichón sausage we make available to our customers have the same flavour as always, the flavour of the oak woodlands.

White Pork Hams

We fully surrender to the tradition of Serrano ham know-how. Therefore, we ensure compliance with all of the ETG – Guaranteed Traditional Specialty – certification requirements for each one of our Serrano hams. Whoever tastes a Dompal ham or pork shoulder knows they’re tasting authentic ham making tradition.

White Pork Embutidos

As the saying goes, “Everything but the squeal”. We can proudly say that white pigs bring us absolute delicacies in the form of cured meats. An endless number of cured meat products can be found in each region of Spain and we’ve decided to bring them all closer to our customers so everyone can have a tiny little bit of our delicious and traditional gastronomy: chorizo, pork loin, salchichón sausage, fuet, black pudding. The list of the unmistakeable flavours that are as Spanish as our white pigs goes on and on.

sausage photo

Cheese selection

Manchego cheese, Extremaduran cheese, Galician cheese, Canary Island cheese… wherever you go, they’ve got a local cheese. We’re major cheese producers in Spain and some of them have made a real mark on the international stage with important acknowledgements for their exclusive quality and flavour. Our efforts have always been aimed at achieving the best in quality, flavour, texture and tradition.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

As far as the green gold that floods our lands, we’ve decided to promote Protected Designation of Origin “Sierra Mágina” – Jaén extra virgin olive oil for so many reasons like the nuances that fill the palate upon tasting it. The producers of this D.O.P. Sierra Mágina harvest the fruit from the olive groves with meticulous care and cleanliness to guarantee the fruit reaches production in excellent conditions to be pressed and begin the journey to our plates.