Experience room

Dompal Experiences Room

Our experiences room is an all-new business concept that allows people to find out about and taste our Iberico products and learn what this super important culture is all about through cultural and culinary experiences.

Dompal values in caring for our partners.


Full Support for Partners

Apostando por tu futuro con todos nuestros medios y experiencias. Proporcionamos formación al asociado, compartimos nuestros protocolos propios de gestión, y los recursos tecnológicos necesarios para el buen funcionamiento del establecimiento.

Advising on consumer trends

Our experience over the years and thousands of satisfied customers speak for themselves.
Learning about the products, their origins, production process, qualities and characteristics turns the sales process into an enriching experience for customers. We’ll help you with everything.


A careful selection of products

Top-quality products like Iberico and Serrano cured meats, fresh Iberico pork, cheeses, extra virgin olive oil, wines, tinned foods and, of course, 100% Iberico hams and pork shoulders that will take your palate back to the ancestral traditions of aging and maturing these magnificent products.