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Sausages are part of a healthy diet

The notion that sausages cannot be part of a healthy diet is a misconception and an anachronism, and that there are currently healthy sausages that can be part of a healthy diet without negative consequences for health. What are the reasons why sausages can be part of a healthy diet? We could mention tens of […]

New website and new energy for Dompal

Work on the Jabugo dryer begins. We’ve talked about our Jabugo dryer before. Our most recent commitment is to strengthen our presence in the national and international market thanks to our highly innovative facilities, which respect the ham tradition of the Jabugo designation of origin. After the last montanera, the first pieces of ham and […]

How to Differentiate Lomo Embuchado de la Caña de Lomo

One of the most frequent doubts in the world of sausages is to know the differences between the caña de lomo and the lomo embuchado. Both types of sausage are obtained from the pig and are very similar, but not identical. So let’s see how to differentiate them in order to identify them quickly. What is […]