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Genuine Acorn Jewel

Dompal, jamón de Bellota

For many people the best ham in the world

Quality and Guaranteed Satisfaction

We’ve always dreamed of reaching the highest levels of quality and excellence and have, therefore, decided to apply the most rigorous quality controls so everything is just perfect and each product is in the best conditions because our customers deserve the greatest quality with the Dompal guarantee.

All About Dompal

Dompal has got a cellar in Alcobendas (Madrid) with more than 50,000 hams and pork shoulders. It’s quite the spectacle. At our drying chamber in Jabugo (Huelva), there is enough space for nearly 250,000 which guarantees we can supply all of our customers.

Our Products

All of our products are carefully selected to meet the immense demand from our customers in Spain, Europe and the rest of the world. That’s why our catalogue not only features our prized hams and cured meats but also the most varied of products to satisfy all types of needs.

100% Iberico

We have the best selection of 100% Iberico products.

We’re one of the largest Spanish companies dedicated to the Iberico ham and cured meat culture. Our Bellota Jewels made with meat from acorn-fed pigs are recognized by the best in the restaurant industry and gourmet shops.

Iberian Cured Meats

The Iberico cured meat boutique.

iberico cured meats enjoy great prestige in Spanish culinary tradition and are ever more popular among the most well-known chefs in Spain and abroad. It is for this reason that we take such special care in choosing and producing them.

embutidos ibericos de bellota


For those who love excellence.

A luxurious and exclusive designer case created by Dompal to present a unique gastronomic treasure: Our Bellota Jewels transformed into delicate and exquisite hand-sliced rashers from our most highly-valued Iberico bellota hams.

UNIQUE Pack is a product that’s been carefully selected just for you… an exciting journey of pleasure through the world of the senses for fine palates who enjoy true excellence.

Our History

Committed to bringing you closer to the best flavours of our land.

Just like all great companies, the DOMPAL history is also great. It’s the history of an entrepreneur who dreamed of taking the very heart of his dream to every single professional and individual. His dream slowly started taking shape and eventually became reality.

Today, it’s no longer a dream. It’s now a wonderful reality clearly reflected in this company with more than 50 years of experience and tradition which has gradually made progress on the ladder of success based on effort and sacrifice and happiness in the form of of satisfied customers.

Gourmet Jewels

Designed for haute cuisine.

Experience and know-how in the world of Iberico products have set the course for our company. It made us look towards trends in haute cuisine which is where these Gourmet Jewels came from.

Our Gourmet Jewels are the result of a real evolution over the decades, aiming for quality and excellence and working to please the most refined palates.

We invite you to find out more.

Dompal Experiences Room

It is no accident that the Dompal Experiences Room was created in the heart of Jabugo.

Jabugo is a place that smells of holm and cork oak where the best Iberico pigs can be found in the woodlands.


Our best products

The Experiences Room is a Gastronomic Luxury where you’ll be able to discover the most meticulous selections from our 100% Iberico sausages, hams and pork shoulders in addition to a select line of cured meats, limited edition sheep’s and goat’s milk cheese, premium extra virgin olive oils as well as wines and beer that will surprise you. And we mustn’t forget the delicious tinned Navarre asparagus, Lodosa peppers and Santoña anchovies.

A unique opportunity

An all-new business concept we’d like you to be a part of as a partner. It’s an experiences room meant to sell products of the utmost quality.